Two dollar native plant sale is open!

Our $2 plant sale is open!

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Stone Bridge Project Underway

We are currently beginning the replacement of the Stone Bridge Culvert with a wooden bridge that will allow fish passage.  The project will also feature habitat improvement including the placement of large wood and rocks to provide pools and shelter.  More information is here:

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We’re hiring an Americorps Member!

TCWC is very excited to announce that we are offering a position to an AmeriCorps Member as a Volunteer Coordinator.  The position is in partnership with the Confluence Environmental Center.  Deadline to apply has been extended to July 14 8AM.  The dates of service are September 3 2014-July 24 2015.

More information is here.


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Pedalpalooza Tryon Restoration Bike Ride

We had so much fun last year, we’re doing it again. The Tryon Creek Restoration Site Bike Ride will be a part of Portland’s Pedalpalooza on Saturday June 14th.

Checking out our watershed by bicycle is a great way to viscerally experience the subwatersheds, the importance of trees, and the difference between urbanized upper watershed and lower watershed parks. We will bike between several restoration sites to showcase some of the restoration work being done in the Tryon Watershed. This year we will visit sites on 4th Avenue (including an art open house with a sculpture garden adjoining the park and restoration site,) the major fish passage barrier at highway 43, an older restoration site on Nettle Creek, and others to be determined.

June 14th 12:30-4:30.  More information and signup here.

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Paddle on the Willamette with TCWC!

Join the Tryon Creek Watershed Council for a kayak tour of several urban stream confluences with the Willamette River. We will launch from Jefferson St Boat Ramp at nine AM, paddle to Tryon Creek, past the Riverview tributaries, and to the mouth of Johnson Creek. Biologists and restoration professionals will discuss the importance of these tributaries to salmon and lamprey that migrate through the Willamette River system and through the heart of Portland. The mouth of Tryon Creek and the mouth of Johnson Creek both have had major restoration projects, which we will be able to visit. The Riverview streams come out of a newly acquired city Park property.

Can’t come? Read this report about the fish monitoring of the restoration project at the mouth of Tryon Creek.

Participants will need to bring their own kayak, life preserver or rent from us through our partner, Alder Creek Kayak for $35. A limited number of kayaks are available courtesy of Next Adventure on a scholarship basis- inquire if the $35 cost is a hardship. Bring water and snacks. We plan to return to the boat launch by 12 noon. Please check the Tryon Creek website for more information on the event. Registration below is required.

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SOLVE IT Restoration Work Parties

TCWC and SOLVE are planning three work parties on April 26th for SOLVE-IT/ Earth Day. We especially need helpers at this point for the Deer Creek site.

Deer Creek
Deer Creek is a tributary to Tryon Creek that joins in Marshall Park. The Tryon Creek Watershed Council is helping landowners clear invasive plants from their yards and adjacent public right of ways in order to create a corridor of healthy habitat. We need help pulling ivy and yellow arch angel away from trees and native plants in stage one of our restoration work here. We may also do some late season planting. Snacks, tools, and native plant posters/ booklets will be provided to participants, as well as a coupon for a free native plant from our next plant sale. This is a good opportunity to see Deer Creek, a hidden gem that isn’t visible from easy access points. Meet at 9225 SW 8th Dr, Portland, OR 97219 at 9AM.  Activities include: Invasive Plant Removal, Native Planting. Sign-up here (required)

Tryon Life Community Farm
This event has been moved to Sunday.  Help the Tryon Life Community Farm remove garlic mustard and other invasives from their property. TLC Farm brings people together to root into relationships with each other and the land, by sharing tools for community-based sustainability and social change, and tending resilient ecosystems. Participants will help steward the land and the conservation easement with the adjacent Tryon Creek State Park. This is also an opportunity to see permaculture practices in action, check out composting toilets, and meet goats that are helping to clear blackberries. After the pulling, we will meet in the outdoor kitchen for lunch (bring your own, but we’ll have snacks,) and try out some garlic mustard pesto. Activities include: Invasive Plant Removal. Contact Traci for more information: 503-939-0530.

4th Avenue East Tryon Creek
This will be a great way for participants to celebrate Earth Day, contributing to improving the ecosystem health of the East Fork of Tryon Creek, while learning about the intricacies of data collection, site assessment and native plant ID. Activities will be kicked off with a 1hr ivy pull and blackberry “smackdown”! Data collected will help evaluate the success of previous plantings and overall site condition. Potluck and outdoor games to follow! Activities include: Invasive Plant Removal, Maintenance & Monitoring, Potluck and games. Sign up here (required.)

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2014 Planting Season

Our Watershed Wide Restoration Event is happening Saturday February 22nd.  There is more information here and a sign-in here.

and lunch: 11:30-12
Riverdale High 9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Work-parties will last until around 3:30.

If you arrive late, someone will be onsite to direct you to a project site, but please be on time!    We will have access to the gym lobby this year, allowing us to have bathrooms and an inside space for our food and supplies.  It’s on the far left end of the building.  We’ll have signs up to direct you.

Bring: water bottle, sturdy shoes that can deal with mud and steep /uneven slopes.  Reusable mugs/plates are appropriate to bring and will help us cut down on waste.

We will provide gloves, tools, food, and drinks.   Lunch will include DIY sandwiches, pastries, veggies, fruit, (and energybars to take with you).  Vegan and gluten free options will be available.  We will have some coffee too.


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2013 Native Plant Sale open for preorders!

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No July Meeting; August BBQ Celebration

We are taking a break for July and will have no general meeting.  In August we will celebrate the work of the council with a backyard barbecue and potluck.  All are invited to come.  Folks that have volunteered or that have hosted restoration projects on their property are especially encouraged!  We’d like to see the broader Tryon Creek Watershed community to get to know each other better at this event.  This will take place on Monday August 12th at 6PM.  RSVP to [email protected] for location.

July 20th Confluence Paddle

How would you like to see the mouth of Tryon Creek from the vantage point of a canoe?  We are co-hosting a paddle from the mouth of the Clackamas River to the mouth of Johnson Creek, stopping at the mouth of Tryon Creek.  You will learn about the importance of smaller streams like ours to Salmon migrating down the Willamette, see several restoration projects, and have a full-day fun experience.  This paddle is for adults only and is free.  Bring your lunch.  PFDs will be provided.  Space is available on a first come first served basis. Advance reservations are required. Contact McKenzie Miller to register and be sure to mention you’re with the Tryon Creek Watershed Council.  Boats will leave at 9AM from 1955 Clackamette Drive.

How Does Your Garden (or Backyard) Grow?

Summertime is when we revisit restoration sites to check on progress and needs.  If you have had a project on your property, even if it was years ago, please drop me a note to let me know how the project is doing.  Photos would be especially appreciated.  I would like to hear from all of you!

Backyard Habitat Program

Do you wish to step up the quality of wildlife habitat in your backyard?  One opportunity to get information and guidance is the Backyard Habitat Program.  After an initial site visit, technicians will provide a specific plan for your site and access to coupons and discounted native plants.  Our Partners the Friends of Tryon Creek, Audubon Society, Columbia Land Trust, and the City of Lake Oswego sponsor this program.  Unlike the assistance offered by TCWC, this is available to any backyard, however there is a fee associate with a site visit and implementation is at your own cost. for more information.

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Watershed Wide Event this weekend

A day of restoration work parties April 27th 2013

On Saturday April 27th, volunteers will work together to restore Tryon Creek, pulling invasives and planting trees at many different sites.  Gather at the Riverdale Highschool Parkinglot at 9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd from 8:30-9AM for a free breakfast.  At 9:00 we will carpool or walk to our sites where we will work until 12:30.

This year we will again be partnering with Comcast Cares Day, sponsored by Hands on Greater Portland.  If you would like a free Tshirt, please register with Hands on Greater Portland by clicking the links.  If you have difficulty with the registration, please email us at [email protected]

Tryon Life Community Farm Volunteers will be pulling garlic mustard and Himalayan blackberry from a native medicinal plant installation. Some planting of natives will also be done.  Fence installation is another possible task. This site is using all manual control methods, including goat grazing, to control invasive weeds. The site is adjacent to the Tryon Creek State Natural Area and a creek. The project will provide important habitat as well as educational resource to the farm and public.  Click here to register.
Coyote and Deer confluence Volunteers will pull invasive golden archangel and English ivy from the riparian area of the confluence of Deer and Coyote Creeks. Some native plants will be planted. This is a beautiful site that has older trees but an understory being encroached by invasive plants.  Click here to register.
Quail Creek Volunteers will plant potted shrubs and remove ivy and blackberries. This site is 6 properties along quail creek. Most of the planting and clearing has been done here, volunteers will have the satisfaction to finishing the job (or coming close.) The improvements will shade the creek, filter water, and prevent erosion, improving the water quality and habitat of Quail and Tryon Creeks.  Click here to register.
8th Avenue Neighbors on Deer Creek are working together to remove English Ivy and replace it with native plants. Volunteers will be removing ground and tree ivy and possibly planting some plants. Click here to register.
Spring Garden This tiny spot of creek in Spring Garden deserves to have better than ivy choked banks and dumped concrete pieces. Come help clean up the creek and plant some native trees.  Click here to register.
Meadowview on Paget Creek This is a large green space on Paget Creek in the Tryon Creek Watershed. Formerly overwhelmed by blackberries, this site has undergone initial treatment and planting. Volunteers will plant more trees and shrubs and remove tree ivy and isolated blackberries that were missed by the first treatment.  Click here to register.
Maricara Ave Help restore a section of habitat between the Tryon Creek State Park and a restoration site. Volunteers will clear blackberries and plant potted trees and shrubs. This project will provide an important extension of park habitat.  Click here to register.
Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark’s greenspaces and trees are choked by English Ivy. Save the trees by removing the ivy from their bases and make a big difference to the campus, nearby creeks, and adjacent Tryon Creek State Natural Area.  Click here to register.
Falling Creek This section of Falling Creek has mostly bare banks and a common area choked by blackberries, ivy, and holly. Neighbors are getting together to take back the creek for natural habitat. Volunteers will be pulling ivy and blackberry and planting potted native shrubs.  Click here to register.
Marshall Park Ivy removal in the right of way with JR GRUNT (Greenspaces Restoration Urban Naturalist Team) a program of Portland Parks & Recreation.  The HOGP site refers to garlic mustard, but ivy will be the focus.  Click here to register.
Arnold Creek Natural Area Arnold Creek Natural Area is a small park along Tryon Creek upstream from the Tryon Creek State Natural Area. This is the annual visit to remove ivy from this site in order to protect the habitat for the benefit of fish and wildlife.  Click here to register
Englewood Drive Englewood Drive neighbors on the Tryon Creek State Park. This site is a combination of residential backyards with conservation easements and a metro owned property that have been overwhelmed with clematis and other invasive plants. Help remove them with the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District.  Click here to register.
Boones Ferry HOA Pull ivy from the Boones Ferry HOA common area, improving the habitat for plum pocket creek- a tributary to Tryon Creek.  Click here to register.




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